Young Justice: Outsiders episode 2 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 2 Recap

Young Justice’s return delivered plenty of twists and turns. The Justice League began to splinter under diplomatic and ideological pressures. The Markovian king and queen were murdered as the nation became the focus of investigations into meta-human trafficking organization Bedlam. As sights turn toward Markovia, Dick Grayson and allies arrived in Markovburg. No one could ask for a better crew to unearth what Bedlam has hidden.


Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 2 Recap

Dick’s crew splits up upon arrival in Markovburg. Dick and Artemis sneak into Prince Gregor’s royal reception while Jefferson and Conner make an equipment drop before heading to the suspicious children’s hospital. While Dick and Artemis watch over the Markovian royals, Jefferson and Connor break into the hospital. The two quickly uncover Bedlam’s secret lab. The whole setup disgusts Connor, reminding him of Project Cadmus.

The two discover a disassembled Motherbox and multiple imprisoned youths before Count Vertigo appears and subdues them. He is joined by a meta-human that resembles the lava-based meta that died in front of Jefferson. The sight sparks flashbacks in Jefferson, stunning him momentarily. Connor shakes him out of it and the two punch through the floor to escape. The meta, referred to as Plasmus, follows, cornering them in a drainage pipe. Jefferson leaps to freedom, suffering an injury upon landing, but Connor is KO’d and returned to Vertigo.

Undead Friend

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 2 Recap

Dick’s continual monitoring of the reception gives Artemis a chance to recover their weaponry. She quickly gathers her assets but notices a purple light emitting from a mass grave of failed Bedlam subjects. Her investigation reveals that one of the failed subjects has risen from the dead seemingly unharmed. Artemis defends her from some Bedlam goons before the reanimated meta saves her with a light-generated shield. The two get away via the Super-cycle.

Artemis questions the young woman about Bedlam’s experiments, but she has no memory of her ordeal. She also isn’t very communicative. She rendezvouses with a recovering Jefferson and learns of Connor’s capture at the hands of Count Vertigo.

Meta Malpractice

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 2 Recap

The argument over the nature and role of meta-human heroes occurring at the UN reverberates in the hills of Markovia. Baron Frederick DeLamb’s overzealous response to the royal murders is met with critique from Prince Brion. He pleads with his brother, Gregor, to not allow Frederick to serve as his regent, but his argument falls on deaf ears. A new path presents itself when Dr. Helga Jace points Brion in the direction of Markovia’s premier meta-human specialist, Dr. Simon Ecks. Helga questions Brion’s desire to activate his dormant meta-gene, but nothing will stop the prince from becoming the hero Markovia needs.

Brion and Simon make their way to the children’s hospital with Dick hot on their heels. Once there, Simon reveals the secret Bedlam facility to Brion. The prince is not pleased with the discovery. He threatens to expose Simon as the murderer and meta-human trafficker that he is before Vertigo arrives and subdues him. He is displeased with Simon’s decision to expose their operation to Brion, but still locks Brion away in a pod. Helga arrives and administers the tar treatment to Brion against his will. Telling him this is all for the best. Vertigo reveals that the Markovian royal family is involved with Bedlam in some fashion as Brion is enveloped in the meta-gene activator.

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