Young Justice: Phantoms Trailer Reveals HBO Max Premiere Is Today

It’s been over two years since DC Universe revived Young Justice for a third season. However, the wait for season 4 ends today. During DC FanDome, the series’ new home, HBO Max, announced that the first two episodes of  from Young Justice: Phantoms are now streaming. As in right now.

The news came alongside the first trailer for Phantoms, which doesn’t shed much light on the season’s plot. Regardless, it does look like Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy are taking a detour to Mars. Keep in mind that Beast Boy’s origin is directly tied to Miss Martian on this series. She saved his life with a blood transfusion, and that’s how he gained his shape shifting abilities. They also consider each other to be family.

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Speaking of family, it looks like Artemis/Tigress’ feud with her sister, Cheshire, is about to reignite. The trailer also indicates that Artemis is still grieving for Wally West/Kid Flash. In season 2, Wally was lost to the Speed Force while saving the world. And he has yet to return.

So far, there’s no follow up on last season’s Legion of Super-Heroes teaser. However, executive producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti have indicated that it will pay off this season.

The third episode of Young Justice: Phantoms will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, October 21. New episodes will follow every Thursday thereafter until the end of the season.

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