Titans season 1 recap

Titans Season 1 Recap

DC’s dive into the crowded field of streaming services drew its share of skepticism at launch, but Titans quickly answered many of those questions positively. Bringing the popular comic book team to life, DC Universe’s flagship series delivered classic elements of the historic Teen Titans in a package reminiscent of the gritty, street-level toned Netflix Marvel programs. Now that the show’s first season is in the books, and a second one already on the way, there’s no better time to take a look back at Titans’ beginnings..


Titans Season 1 Recap

Waking up in a shot-up car in Austria, Kory had no memory of her past. She deduced that she was in search of Rachel for unknown reasons and made her way to the States. She rescued Rachel from the Nuclear Family before joining up with Dick and Gar. It appeared that Kory’s search for Rachel was much more intense than originally thought. Rachel restored her friend’s memories, but Kory immediately attacked her. Kory’s true mission was to find and eliminate Rachel to prevent her father, Trigon, from destroying her home planet along with the rest of the universe. Kory, codename Starfire, left to protect Rachel, but returned when Trigon entered their dimension.


Titans Season 1 Recap

Young Rachel Roth was the catalyst for the first season. Running away to Detroit after the murder of her mother, Rachel sought help from Dick Grayson. The two ran from operatives of the Organization, as Rachel struggled to contain the darkness within her. She found solace in the company of Gar after seemingly being betrayed by Dick and Kory, but the four quickly join forces. Rachel discovered that her real mother, Angela, was still alive, rescuing her and the rest of the team from an Organization facility. Unfortunately, Angela was still in league with her father, Trigon. Angela coerced Rachel into bringing Trigon to their world, greeting her father with an embrace before realizing the evil within him.


Titans Season 1 Recap

Good ol’ Beast Boy stood on the periphery for much of the early episodes, but he officially joined up with the Titans at the bequest of his “family,” the Doom Patrol. He has the power to shape shift into a tiger but had yet to use that form in a violent fashion. That changed when he was forced to maul an Organization doctor during the team’s escape. The first taste of blood haunted Gar, but he found comfort in the company of Rachel. Gar fell ill and was used by Angela to convince Rachel to deliver Trigon. The dark lord saved Gar’s life, but at what cost?


Titans Season 1 Recap

Somewhere between Robin and Nightwing exists this incarnation of Dick Grayson. He traded Gotham City for Detroit, but his post-Batman demons followed him. He decided to help Rachel after seeing a lot of himself in her. Dick went out on his own after the team took down the Organization, battling his violent past and foes alike alongside the new Robin, Jason Todd. Dick eventually reunited with his longtime friend, Donna Troy. She deciphered Kory’s past, leading to the team reuniting again. He became the first Titan to confront Trigon after his return, but fell victim to his influence. Trigon brought out Dick’s most violent, malevolent form to the surface. Rachel tried to snap Dick out of it, but it appears that the old Dick is gone.

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