Titans season 1 episode 2 recap

Titans Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Dick and Rachel remain on the run as Titans continued unfolding its dark saga. An unknown doomsday cult wants Rachel’s heart in the worst way, but her and Dick clearly had other plans. Dick might not know what to do with his fellow orphan-in-arms, but he has some friends from the past that could possibly help. Much like the introduction of the Doom Patrol in a later episode, Titans has more heroes up its sleeve. Enter Hawk and Dove.

Road Trip

Titans Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Rachel and Dick continue along their merry way after watching Rachel turn a cultist killer into a skin sack. Seeing such an act causes to Dick to be shaken up a bit, but he still brings up the force within Rachel during their drive. She tells him she didn’t mean to kill the man, but has no answers for Dick about her darkness within. Rachel’s ,mysterious nature doesn’t stop Dick from trying to help her, though, as he plans to take her somewhere safe.

Dick formulates his plan, calling in one last favor from Alfred before showing on the doorstep of his estranged crime-fighting partners. Amy informs him of the Raven tattoo on the killer’s body and sends him an autopsy report. That report falls into the hands of Rachel as she is going through Dick’s things in their hotel room. Amidst hints of Dick’s connections to Bruce Wayne and videos of his family’s death, Rachel sees the husk she left behind in the abandoned house. The sight brings her darkness out. Dick returns to find Rachel huddled in the bathtub, defensively praying and surrounded by drawn crosses.

Left Behind

Titans Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Rachel and Dick continue to bond as they make their way to Washington, D.C. The now-orphaned Rachel asks Dick about being adopted by Bruce. Dick dodges the question, but Rachel’s feelings of being left behind due to her losses speak to him more. While he says the pain doesn’t fully go away, he reassures Rachel that he isn’t going to leave her.

The two arrive at Hawk and Dove’s home to the surprise of Dove. The four year gap between their last meeting has seen many changes. Dick has grown much more violent while Hawk and Dove’s love for each other has bloomed. Rachel gets a vision of Dove and Dick’s past love affair when she meets Dove, pointing to some unresolved emotions between the three.

Dove takes them in temporarily. She brings Dick up to speed on Hawk’s various injuries and their plan to leave the vigilante business after one last job. She believes Dick could help them, just like old times, but the arriving Hawk isn’t keen on the idea, making it clearly known that he doesn’t want Dick around. Rachel later asks Dick why he hurt Dove, but he dismisses it as being in the past, though Rachel knows otherwise.

Old Friends

Titans Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Despite Hawk’s wishes, Dove brings Dick up to speed on their final operation. The plan seems foolproof, and the conversation turns toward Dick’s intentions with Rachel. Dick explains that he isn’t good at staying close to others and states his intention to not take in Rachel. He offers Dove a large sum of money, procured from Alfred, in lieu of doing the job while asking to leave Rachel in Hawk and Dove’s care temporarily. Dick warns them not to do the job as Hawk enters the room, immediately letting his anger at Dick’s presence escalate into a fight. The scuffle draws Rachel’s attention and her window-shattering scream breaks it up.

Hawk and Dove head out on their mission, leaving Rachel and Dick behind. Rachel pushes Dick to help them due to his actions in aiding her. Dick disagrees as he believes that helping others only leads to more getting hurt. Rachel understands, but relates how good it feels to let the darkness out sometimes. That sentiment is enough to convince Dick to show up and save an outnumbered and injured Hawk and Dove. Dick’s violent nature surprises Dove, making her realize he has actually changed.

Family Trip

Titans Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Rachel discovers Dick’s money and note while the group is out, learning that Dick plans to leave her with Hawk and Dove. The trio finds her on the roof when they return. Rachel confronts Dick about him leaving her behind and shows the note to Hawk. Dick tells her otherwise, but one touch of his hand proves him to be a liar. Being left behind by Dick leaves Rachel an emotional wreck.

A mysterious family that appears to be stuck in the 1950’s is called into action to secure Rachel by cult leader Dr. Adamson. The squad pursues Dick and Rachel throughout the entire episode, killing Amy in the process. The four appear on the roof as Rachel deals with Dick’s truth. A fight breaks out, with the family gaining the upper hand easily. Dick is tossed over the edge of the building as a restrained Hawk watches the father throw Dove through her birdhouse and off the roof to the ground below. The family takes Rachel as Dick tries to help a severely injured Dove. The image brings back Dick’s memories of his parents’ deaths as he does.

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