Titans Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Titans season 1 episode 10 recap

It’s back to main street for Titans following the triumph and tragedy of last week’s Hawk and Dove-focused detour. All eyes turned to Killdeer as Kory’s returning memories put her at odds with Rachel. There’s clearly more underneath Starfire’s surface and Kory’s ability to have her mission and her care for Rachel coexist still lies in question. The alien agent isn’t the only one with more cards to play, however. Good thing everyone played their hand by night’s hand.

Home Sweet Home

Titans Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Rachel’s telepathic messages to Hank and Dawn are engulfed in flames as she is drawn back to the reality that her friend, Kory, has her by the throat. Luckily, Dick and Donna return just in time for Donna to corral and KO Kory. Rachel blames herself, believing she messed up something within Kory during her attempt to heal her. Angela demands that Kory leave. Kory, unable to remember the attack, apologizes and leaves with Dick and Donna not far behind.

Rachel defends Kory to her mom despite the attempt on her life. Angela doesn’t buy it, but remains thankful that her daughter is now safe. Rachel, Gar, and Angela begin settling into a somewhat normal life. Angela is surprised by her old friend, Tommy, while tending to her garden. Tommy, who is now a sheriff, asks her about the train incident. However, Angela dodges the question.

Rachel and Gar are having a tougher time adjusting. Gar does his best to keep Rachel from beating herself up over Kory’s attack, but Rachel tells him to leave the house out of fear that she’ll hurt him too. Angela stresses the need to hold onto loved ones to Rachel, leading her to make up with Gar. Unfortunately, Gar is dealing with his own demons after letting the beast within get the better of him in the asylum. Rachel’s apology is met with Gar’s observation that there is something wrong with the house.

Past & Future Fires

Titans Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Dick and Donna follow Kory to an abandoned factory. The three enter together, revealing an empty, dim interior. A security system suddenly begins scanning them, recognizing Kory and revealing her cloaked spaceship only a few feet in front of them.

The trio boards the ship as more of Kory’s memories come flooding back. She remembers her home planet, Tamaran, and recognizes an old book within the ship. Identified as the “Death of Worlds,” Kory recalls why she must kill Rachel. Either Rachel dies or all of Tamaran will burn thanks to an interdimensional force that just so happens to be Rachel’s father, Trigon. Rachel is the gateway through which he will return to destroy all worlds, and Angela is still in league with Trigon to bring about that destruction.

Donna believes Rachel can defeat Trigon even if he returns, but Kory asserts that she could only do so by surviving a grueling series of trials. The theory is nice, but the three need to get back to Killdeer due to Angela’s hidden motives.

Family Reunion

Titans Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Rachel asks Angela about her father and the powers she gained from him. Her mother believes that the darkness she inherited can be used for good shortly before a chance to do so presents itself. Gar, bleeding from the mouth, passes out on the bathroom floor just as Tommy arrives unannounced. Rachel tries to heal him while Tommy calls for help. Unfortunately, none of the phones work and Angela kills Tommy.

Rachel is unable to heal Gar, but Angela knows who can: Rachel’s father. Rachel doubts her mother at first, but ultimately gives in, bringing Trigon into their dimension. Trigon heals Gar at Rachel’s request and his daughter collapses into his embracing arms.

Rachel comforts Gar while Trigon and Angela reconnect. With Rachel’s duty complete, Trigon and his lover may now begin their tour of destruction, but not before Rachel is truly broken. The eater of worlds will feed once his daughter’s heart is truly broken. The final clash is set when Dick, Donna and Kory return to find the house cloaked in dark energy. Dick penetrates the shield, but Donna and Kory aren’t able to follow. Dick approaches the front door, ready for battle.

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