Titans season 1 episode 6 recap

Titans Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The union of the Titans went on hold temporarily just as quickly as it began during last week’s episode of DC’s Titans. The formidable foursome took care of business with the Nuclear Family, but Dick left quickly thereafter to get some answers from Dr. Adamson. Unknown to him, he wouldn’t go it alone in this pursuit either. Enter the new Robin, Jason Todd. Adamson might be incapacitated, but this new tag team of Robins seemed tenuous at best.

Too Many Robins

Titans Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Dick and Jason now have plenty of time to get to know one another as they transport an unconscious Adamson to a secure location. This meeting of the two Robins is embraced far more by Jason than Dick. He compares the two of them, including their suits, while expressing the honor he feels in meeting Dick. Dick might be the old version, but Jason is still glad to meet the originator of the “Boy Wonder” moniker. Dick is much less enthused. That sentiment delves lower when Jason reveals that he was able to track down Dick via a tracker planted in his arm by Batman.

The duo take Adamson to a Wayne safe house, which Dick is unable to access without Jason. The long elevator ride is filled with questions from Dick, wondering why Jason would become Robin. The new model expounds about the thrill of beating people up and the fame that accompanies the mask. Batman needs Robin and Jason is proud to provide such aid, even if it is to draw fire from the Dark Knight. Jason asks why Dick quit. Dick deflects the question before entering the bathroom to remove the tracker and tell Kory and the others to come to the safe house. Jason is upset that Dick removed the tracker, but Dick points out that the two of them have diametrically different understandings of who Bruce is.

The Melting Man

Titans Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Dick tells Jason to leave, but Jason refuses as he has something to show Dick. That something is a series of photos of dead bodies from Dick’s past. The victims are former members of the circus Dick performed with as a child. They’re also all killed with acid, the calling card of the Maroni crime family, which was responsible for the death of his parents. The killer, dubbed the “Melting Man,” is clearly targeting figures from Dick’s past, with his next victim being strongman and Dick’s former guardian Clay. The rest of the Titans arrive, but Dick once again leaves them to protect Clay. Gar gets another chance to geek out over the two Robins before Dick and Jason split.

The two track Clay to Milwaukee, where he is now a bouncer at a nightclub. The two go to the nightclub, but Jason’s fake ID isn’t coy enough to get past the doorman. He later sneaks in the back door as Dick reunites with Clay. The former performer remarks how well Dick turned out under Bruce’s care than his own as Jason picks a fight for the hell of it. Dick breaks up the fight as a car explodes outside of the club. Clay is separated from Dick in the panic, but Dick quickly receives a phone call from Clay. Unfortunately, it’s not Clay on the line. The Melting Man has taken Clay, expected Dick to come for him, and offers to meet Dick alone.

Dick is able to deduce the identity of the Melting Man in no time, pegging him as Nick Zucco, the son of the Maroni hitman that killed his parents. An irate Dick attacked Zucco’s prison transport two years ago after learning he’d get federal protection for turning state’s witness. Dick’s attack allowed the Maronis to kill Zucco, cancelling out any federal protection promised to Zucco’s family, including Nick. Dick tells Jason not to be Robin as he doesn’t understand the price paid for putting on the mask as he rushes to save Clay.

Nick threatens to give Clay an acid shower as he reveals his motives. His story about how the acid changed him does him in, however, as Jason shows up to take out Nick. Jason takes an acid round to the chest, but that new suit protects him. Jason runs off to deal with the arriving police as Dick takes care of Clay.

Perils of the Mask

Titans Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Letting Jason take cop duty is rapidly shown to be a mistake as he takes them out, killing some of them. Dick runs in to stop his assault, but Jason doesn’t understand why. The mask gives him the ability to whatever he wants to whoever he wants and he loves it. Jason knows who he is, but question whether Dick truly know who he is. How can he say he doesn’t want to be Robin when he continues to don the suit Bruce bequeathed to him?

The Robins go their separate ways. Dick calls Kory, letting her know that he’s on his way back to the Chicago safe house. Kory asks how many Robins will be returning. Dick replies, “None.” The call ends with Dick imploring Kory to leave Adamson be until he gets back. Kory agrees, but still wakes up Adamson after hanging up. Adamson tells her she can do whatever she wants to him, but he will only speak to Rachel.

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