Titans season 1 episode 5 recap

Titans Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

The trio became a foursome in proper during our last visit to the world of DC’s Titans. It’s a good thing they did. The addition of Gar to the crew brought fans closer to seeing the show’s titular squad come to life, but there is still much for them to learn about one another. Especially with uber-focused family centering them in their crosshairs. Lucky for the Titans, time and each other are all they have on their hands.

Proper Introductions

Titans Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Dick, Kory, Rachel and Gar hide out at a run down motel on the edge of nowhere. Dick has traded in his posh Porsche for a utilitarian minivan to lower their profile. Dick gathers everyone together after their settled, and the hotel owner crushes hard on him, for a bonding session. Dick paints the group as an “alliance born out of mutual need” that must learn what each can do and how to fight together as a unit.

Kory reveals that her flame is drawn from the sun, making her weak at night, before showcasing her “targeted control” of her power. Gar breaks out the green tiger, though he forgets that he is nude when returning to his human form. Rachel is hesitant to showcase her powers due to their unpredictable nature. Her fears that she might hurt her friends are soothed by Dick, telling her she can’t be afraid of what’s inside because it is part of her.

An emboldened Rachel lets the darkness flow from her mouth, but it quickly becomes uncontrollable. Kory lights up the night, allowing Rachel to regain control of herself. The group then turns to Dick to see what he can do. His power is simple: “I can keep you alive.”

Remaining Curiosities

Titans Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Understanding one another’s abilities is only part of the bonding process, however. The group gets their first chance to relax in quite some time after their training session. Rachel asks Gar about the experience of transforming. Gar explains that it doesn’t hurt, but rather it gives him more feelings of strength and freedom than anything else he knows. The act of roaring expresses that unbridled freedom more than anything, prompting Rachel to let out her own roar in response.

Dick and Kory watch over the other two from the motel balcony. Kory is still trying to determine the exact nature of Rachel’s role within the prophecy. She could either destroy the world or save it. That doesn’t weigh much on Dick, though, as he is more focused on forcing Gar and Rachel to train and fight at such a young age. He alludes to how his training with Bruce informs the feeling, but stopping ahead of revealing Bruce’s name or any substantial details. Kory points out that Dick can’t be afraid to let people in, which leads Dick to call it a night and return to his room.

Little does he know that Kory isn’t far behind him. She shows up at his door with a bottle of tequila and a plan to find out what he is hiding. The two share a shot before Dick shows Kory his moves. While both enjoy their sexual experience, Dick’s brick wall remains just as intact after the act as before. Kory sullenly leaves Dickto his self-imposed guard duty.

“We’ll All Be In Trouble”

Titans Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Dr. Adamson provides the family with a new dad after an intense brainwashing and reprogramming process. Once again intact, the family resumes their mission to recover Rachel. They determine the group’s location by beating the information out of the used car dealer that procured Dick’s Porsche. The family takes their “vitamins” before heading toward their destination.

The family launches their attack shortly after Dick and Kory’s rendezvous. Mom and dad target Dick while the children battle Kory in the hotel hallway. The squads trade blows until Dick is thrown through a second story window onto a car below. Kory, Rachel and Gar regroup outside but find themselves surrounded by the family. Kory tries to fire up but is unable to do so due to it being nighttime. The family closes in as a smoke bomb careens into the group and Robin makes his grand entrance. Robin fights the family as Gar and Rachel join the fray, allowing them to capture their attackers.

An interrogation of the brainwashed assassins yields little outside of the fact that their employer wants Rachel for unknown reasons. The family notes that everyone will find themselves in trouble following their capture before refusing to reveal the identity of their employer. Dick looks through the family’s car for clues as Rachel asks him about Robin. He explains his intention to leave the red and green behind once he came to Detroit, but the mask beckoned him despite the pain and loss of control it causes. The feeling resonates with Rachel while Gar geeks out of Dick’s connection to Batman.

Dick discovers Dr. Adamson’s name and location in the family’s car and leaves to confront him. Adamson self-destructs the family when he sees Dick in his penthouse’s lobby. Dick enters Adamson’s home, immediately pushing for more information. He find little luck though as Adamson reveals that his organization is dispatching people to kill them both as they speak. The shooters arrive and subdue Dick after a fight, but another smoke bomb is released, announcing the entrance of another Robin. This new Robin saves Dick, referring to him y name before introducing himself as the “New Robin.”

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