New Animated Spawn Voices

Todd McFarlane has announced on the voice cast for the new SPAWN animated series. Below is an excerpt from the site…

The selection process was slow going as we had anywhere from five to ten actors for each part to critique. The characters voices are such a subjective choice it was nice to have many options. With so many options I was able to match the sound for each character that I had in my head with a real voice.

Keith David, (“Spawn: The Animated Series,” “Pitch Black,”) was at the top of my list for Spawn, since he had done such an excellent job in the HBO series. I couldn’t imagine anyone else for the role. When Keith was approached for the part he was more than happy to return as the voice of Spawn and we were thrilled to have him back.

Michael Jai White, (“Spawn,” “Exit Wounds,”) who all of you should remember as portraying Spawn in our live action movie in 1997. I was pleased with his audition for Barabbas, one of our main “bad” characters, and happy for the opportunity to have both Spawn actors working together on the project.

Captain Edwards, the police chief. When I heard the voice of Carl Weathers (“Rocky,” “Predator”) I thought he was perfect. He had the right amount of authority in his voice and his delivery of the lines was close to perfect without any direction. He truly is an accomplished actor.

Bruce Boxleitner (“Babylon 5” ) as Detective Ainge, Jon Polito (“The Rocketeer,” “The Man Who Wasn’t There”) as Sam, Mark Hamill (“Star Wars,” “Batman: The Animated Series”) will be our Twitch.

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Source: ODSOB