Rogue One Crosses the $900 Million Mark

Disney and Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and 20th Century Fox’s Hidden Figures are in a race for the top spot at the domestic box office that is still too close to call. According to Disney, Rogue One earned $22 million this weekend, while 20th Century Fox is saying Hidden Figures earned $21.8 million. Some rival studios have those numbers reversed, however, so we’ll have to wait until official figures come out on Monday to see which one is the clear winner.

With the $22 million weekend, The Walt Disney Studios‘ Rogue One has now earned $477.3 million in North America, making it the #2 release of 2016 behind only Finding Dory ($486 million). Internationally, the Star Wars film added another $56.6 million ($31 million of that coming from China, where it just opened) and has now reached $437.1 million. That means the worldwide total now stands at $914.4 million. Rogue One has passed both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873 million) and The Secret Life of Pets ($876 million) to become the fifth-highest grossing release of 2016 globally.

Here are the top-performing international territories so far for Rogue One:

UK $73.7M

Germany $41.2M

France $33.2M

Australia $32.0M

Japan $31.4M

China $31.0M

Spain $14.9M

Brazil $13.9M

Russia $11.2M

Mexico $11.0M

Italy $10.5M

Sweden $9.6M

Poland $7.4M

Korea $7.2M

Netherlands $6.9M

Denmark $6.1M

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