Video: Deadpool Director Tim Miller, Producer Simon Kinberg and Actor Ed Skrein

CS Video:  Deadpool Director Tim Miller, Producer Simon Kinberg and Actor Ed Skrein

In anticipation of Deadpool being released on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, May 10th, director Tim Miller, producer Simon Kinberg and actor Ed Skrein (Francis) sat down for a chat with The fellas talked about their reaction to the reception of the film, ideas for the future and the optimistic possibilities of crossing over with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Watch Deadpool‘s creative team talk about the now highest-grossing R-rated film in history in the player below!

The film, starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with the Mouth, opened in theaters on Valentine’s Day week and thrust Marvel’s most popular anti-hero into the spotlight. Not that Deadpool would shy away from it. It introduced audiences to the character’s origin as Wade Wilson, a man with cancer, who donates his body to a program to get better but ends up getting screwed over and experimented on. Resulting in mad regeneration skills but a face and body that leaves tons of room for his shining personality to win you over.

The Deadpool Blu-ray features over two hours of bonus features to take fans of the film behind the scenes and will also include a making-of featurette and deleted scenes. You can read more about the release by clicking here and order your copy at Amazon.