Kellan Lutz to Star in Tatua

Created by Paul Jenkins and Rob Prior, the film “is about a man with a rare blood type that allows him to be tattooed with a powerful ink. He is able to pull those weapons straight off his skin, giving him an enviable leg up as a covert assassin… The concept certainly is unusual, as the tattooed weapons are culled from the combination of the ink, the character’s blood and adrenaline. They must be used quickly or they begin to dissolve, and the whole process takes a toll on the body of the assassin. All this becomes an afterthought when the assassin’s son is kidnapped by one of his most notoriously violent targets.”

The site adds that Aaron Sims, who created the short Archetype and is developing it into a feature film, will make his directorial debut on Tatua.

Rick Schwartz’s Overnight Productions has lined up the financing for a March production start in Toronto. Paul Layden wrote the script, and Schwartz will produce with Todd Breau and Kari Hollend. Tatua is expected to cost around $15 million to make.

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