Is Spawn a DC or Marvel Character
Credit: Activision

Is Spawn a DC or Marvel Character?

With Spawn being added to Call of Duty, many players are wondering if the character is a DC or Marvel hero or villain. For those new to Spawn’s history, here are the must-know details.

Is Spawn a DC character?

No, Spawn is not a DC character.

While Spawn has similarities to multiple DC heroes and villains, he doesn’t belong to the same comic house as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Watchmen. He was created in 1992 by Todd McFarlane, a Canadian artist who once worked with Marvel, and then started his own company.

Is Spawn a Marvel character?

No, Spawn is not a Marvel character, either.

He certainly throws similar vibes to Venom and even Black Suit Spider-Man, having a symbiote costume that’s alive and has a mind of his own. He can also create weapons and shields similar to symbiotes. However, while he also shares his looks with Deadpool and the Prowler, he doesn’t belong to their comic house.

As far as his powers and abilities are concerned, he already possessed formidable skills as a human assassin. Returning as Hellspawn, however, he got his symbiotic powers with the suit and other special abilities such as shape-shifting, superhuman strength, durability, and teleportation.

Which comic book publisher is Spawn from?

Spawn belongs to an independent comic house named Image Comics, which Todd McFarlane started with six other artists.

Image Comics is separate from the two major comic book universes, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and Spawn is arguably its most notable character.

Over the years, we’ve seen various adaptations of Spawn including an animated series and a live-action film. Currently, fans are eagerly awaiting another live-action movie set in the present day.

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