Christian Bale Fulfills Sick Child’s Wish of Meeting Batman

Back in July, we reported on incredible generosity of actor Ron Perlman who, as part of a Make-A-Wish Foundation event, reprised his role as Hellboy for a very special young boy. Today, we’re proud to bring word that The Dark Knight Rises actor Christian Bale, who traveled to visit the shooting victims in Aurora, Colorado back in July, is taking part in some further real life superheroics.

Earlier this year, the city of Youngstown, Ohio organized, through Facebook, an event called “Lighting the Bat Signal for Jayden,” bringing together more than 30,000 volunteers to realize the comic book dreams of five-year-old Jayden Barber who, at the time, had been diagnosed with MSD leukemia and given only months to live.

They posted: “This group to help make a wish come true for an AMAZING 4 year old boy who is fighting cancer for the second time in his life. One of Jayden’s wishes is to meet the “real Batman” i.e. Christian Bale. The goal is for this group to spread like wild fire! Over the next few weeks, Jayden will become weaker and weaker. Let’s try to make this happen! I don’t know where to begin when I tell you how amazing this whole family is! Their selfless love and tireless efforts to help their son have been an inspiration to all of us who know them. By creating this group, we can draw the attention that we need to help get Christian Bale to come and meet Jayden!”

There’s good news all around today as the family has revealed that, after hearing about the event, Bale flew Jayden and his family to Los Angeles and treated them to lunch at Disney’s Club 33. Even more exciting, however, is word that Jayden is now in remission and we at SuperHeroHype want to join in wishing him and his family the best.

Check out photos of Bale and Jayden below and head to the family’s Facebook page for images of the massive Youngstown event.