Michel Gondry on Releasing The Green Hornet in 3D

ComingSoon.net recently talked to director Michel Gondry about his new documentary The Thorn in the Heart, and they briefly asked the filmmaker about the recent announcement that The Green Hornet will now be released on January 14, 2011.

Asked what his thoughts are about 3D films, Gondry said, "I’ve always loved 3D. In fact, as a kid, I was exposed to 3D at an early age because my grandfather was a specialist of 3D in cinematheques. And then my cousin put it in ‘Science of Sleep’ with toilet paper tube cities. But he was a specialist and I always wanted to do something in 3D."

"I have a lot of ideas," he explained when asked what 3D offers him as a filmmaker. "I’m not supposed to talk about that because people have a lot of opinions, but I’m the one who knows what it really means. It’s a tool that I’m really excited to embrace and I have tons of ideas. There’s one thing that has never been done and I can’t wait to do. That can only be done in 3D. I’m really excited to know that the studio is going for it. It shows, really, that they believe in the film. If they wanted to dump us, they wouldn’t have done this."

You can read the full interview here.