Spider-Man 4 MCU Update

Spider-Man 4 MCU Update Given By Amy Pascal

A Spider-Man 4 MCU update has been given by producer Amy Pascal, who affirms the sequel is still in the works.

What is the Spider-Man 4 MCU update?

Pascal told Variety that the movie will be made, but that the ongoing writers strike has halted progress. She notes that things will get started “whenever they get themselves together.”

“Are we going to make another movie? Of course, we are,” Pascal confirmed. “We’re in the process, but the writers strike, nobody is working during the strike. We’re all being supporters and whenever they get themselves together, we’ll get started.”

This is just one of the many Spider-Man projects in the works, including a live-action Miles Morales movie, a Spider-Woman movie, and next year’s Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Little is known about Spider-Man 4, though Sandman actor Thomas Haden Church recently confirmed that he’s had conversations about returning as the villain, while Green Goblin/Norman Osborn actor Willem Dafoe stated he’s open to the possibility of reprising his role. In February, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that they “have the story” for the sequel, suggesting that the writers were “just putting pen to paper” at that time.