65 Directors Address Jurassic Park Comparisons

Adam Driver will soon tackle dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures in the sci-fi thriller 65. Whenever dinosaurs are involved, though, there will be similarities to the gold standard for dino films, Jurassic Park. 65 directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods understand the comparisons, but they believe the setting of their film differentiates it from the 1993 classic.

Jurassic Park takes place in modern-day and some of the dinosaur designs, as much as we love them, they start feeling a little cute and a little too precious,” Beck said while speaking with Slash Film. “We want to transport audiences back 65 million years ago and show them what it actually could be like if you’re all alone on planet Earth. There are no other human beings around . . . but also the threat of dinosaurs and predators coming after you at any single moment.”

Jurassic Park often serves as an action spectacle to marvel at dinosaurs. However, 65 aims more towards horror while demonstrating the dangers of these prehistoric creatures. The film captures how fear-inducing it would be to encounter them in their natural setting. Yet, the directors respect the greatness of Jurassic Park and hope to see more dinosaur films in the future.

“We’re just saying, ‘Let’s not stop at Jurassic Park,‘” added Woods. “Scott and I kept joking, Why are there not as many dinosaur movies as there are comic book movies? We’ll watch 10 a year if we’re allowed to. So for us, it was just fun to do a dinosaur movie, not be stifled too much by Jurassic Park, and have fun with it.”

65 opens in theaters on Friday, March 10.

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