Jurassic Park Transformers Series 2 Includes Robo-Nedry, Spitter

Just in time for Rise of the Beasts and the 30th anniversary of the first Jurassic Park movie, a second set of Jurassic Park Transformers will roll out this year. While the previous set took inspiration from the tyrannosaurus escape scene, this new one finds its genesis in Dennis Nedry’s attempted heist. Autobot JP12 takes on Dilophocon, and this time the roles are reversed. JP12 may look more than a little bit like a robot version of Nedry actor Wayne Knight, but this time he’s the hero. Dilophocon’s still a dangerous spitter, though.

More Than Meets the Isla

JP12’s alt-mode is Nedry’s escape offroad vehicle. As a robot, however, he features a bonus little rain hat, and a fake Barbasol shaving cream can that, at this scale, must be gigantic in human terms and fool nobody. (Though enough of the movie Transformers have beards these days, so who knows? Maybe they do actually shave.) Dilophocon, of course, becomes a dilophosaurus, with removable spit-spray effect.

The set officially comes out on Oct. 1, but Amazon has preorders up right now for $74.99. In an even better deal, the previous set, Tyrannocon vs. JP93, is currently marked down to $49.49, a discount of more than half-off the original price.

Now that they’ve effectively made a Robo-Nedry, Robo-Malcolm needs to be next. Because who doesn’t want Jeff Goldblum to turn into a Jeep? A Jeep with its shirt open, naturally. Hasbro’s engineers know that they could, and should.

Check out more official images of the current set below: