Mattel Crowdfunding Jurassic Park: The Gates Playset

A set of gates might not sound like the most fun toy in the world. But when the gates in question are movie icons… Well, that’s a little different.

Jurassic Park: The Gates may soon corral every toy dinosaur collection and then some — provided Mattel can find 5,000 people willing to pay $250 apiece.

So What Do They Do?

If you’re thinking, “Those gates had better do something special,” well, they do. They open mechanically, via battery power, and play the Jurassic Park theme as they do. It includes enclosure fences (9×14 inches) and a 1/18 action figure scaled unscathed Ford Explorer #5 for any Hammond Collection figures to ride inside.

But Wait! There’s More!

As with every crowdfunding campaign, this set includes stretch goals. At 6,000 backers, it adds a special post-electrocution fence and Tim action figure. At 8,000, the set adds the “buck” tyrannosaurus from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Finally, at the 10,000 tier, Mattel throws in figures of Lex and the ill-fated goat (with removable hind leg). If the set reaches its initial 5,000 backers goal in two weeks (by July 11), everyone gets a bonus set of Jurassic Park paddock signs.

To get a similar playset in LEGO would currently cost $473.99, so that makes the $250 sound a lot better. Mattel recently failed to fund a WCW wrestling playset for over $400, but this is a sweeter spot and a hotter license. If you want the set, place a preorder now, because once the crowdfund is done, collector value will only go up. The campaign ends July 26, shortly after Comic-Con.

Take a look at all the images below if you need to make up your mind: