“Big Game” Hunts Adam Driver In 65 Super Bowl Spot

Today is all about the Big Game, Super Bowl LVII. However, Sony’s latest TV spot for the upcoming sci-fi movie, 65, can’t resist pointing out that “Big Game” meant something different millions of years ago. That’s why Adam Driver’s Mills finds himself being hunted down by dinosaurs on a prehistoric Earth. And at this point in time, it’s their world, not his.

The basic setup for the film is that Mills is a starship pilot in the far future of humankind. Unfortunately, a serious mishap literally sends Mills’ ship crashing into the past with little hope for recovery. Also, he’s not alone. A young woman named Koa has survived the crash as well, and they may be the only humans alive on Earth. Assuming they live, of course.

Ariana Greenblatt co-stars in the film as Koa, with Nika King as Alya, and Chloe Coleman in an undisclosed role. As you may have guessed, there won’t be a lot of human characters in this movie. The real stars are the CG dinosaurs. They just don’t get top billing.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods co-wrote and co-directed 65, and produced the film alongside Sam Raimi. It will hit theaters on Friday, March 10.

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