Steven Spielberg Gets Immortalized as a Jurassic Park Figure

George Lucas has had his share of Star Wars figures over the years. Now, it’s time for his buddy Steven Spielberg to get one for his own T-Rex of a franchise. For Comic-Con this year, Jurassic Park‘s Hammond Collection welcomes Spielberg as a 3-3/4 inch action figure.

E.S.: The Extra-Special (Figure)

This special occasion calls for no ordinary figure. Spielberg comes with a director’s chair, movie camera, and animatronic dilophosaurus (spitter) with removable frills. As with most Comic-Con exclusives, he’ll come in special packaging, displaying the figure “directing” the dinosaur. The package itself can also function as a clapper-board.

While the figure will be sold at the Mattel booth at Comic-Con, he’ll also be available online at Mattel Creations starting July 21st. Only two figures per buyer allowed: one to keep and one to open, presumably. This will probably never happen for Colin Trevorrow.

This Spielberg’s in scale with older Indiana Jones figures, for other inspired dioramas. Or you could have him executive produce Back to the Future and Gremlins Reaction figures.