Universal Plans a Live-Action How To Train Your Dragon Movie

In 2019, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was seemingly final chapter of DreamWorks Animation’s fantasy franchise. However, Universal Pictures now has grand ambitions of reviving the franchise with a new live-action How To Train Your Dragon movie.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, casting is already underway and the studio has recruited Dean DeBlois to helm the live-action remake. In addition to directing the original How To Train Your Dragon trilogy, DeBlois also co-directed Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. DeBlois was previously attached to adapt Hasbro’s Micronauts as a feature. But since that project has yet to materialize, this upcoming remake will be his first live-action movie.

The original films and the subsequent animated TV spinoffs were inspired by the fantasy novels of Cressida Cowell. Within the first film, a young Viking named Hiccup found an injured dragon he called Toothless. While helping Toothless recover his strength, Hiccup discovers that his people’s beliefs about the dragons are misguided. And he also learns that dragons can be trained to live alongside humans. Together, Hiccup and Toothless ushered in a golden age for humanity and dragons before it ended in The Hidden World.

THR’s report notes that it’s unclear if Universal is planning any other adaptations of DreamWorks Animation titles. It was also announced that the live-action How To Train Your Dragon movie will hit theaters on March 14, 2025. That’s almost exactly fifteen years after the original flick was released.

Who would you cast as Hiccup and his friends in the new film? Let us know in the comment section below!

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