Avatar: The Way of Water Writers Explain Kiri’s Origins

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Avatar: The Way of Water!

In Avatar, Dr. Grace Augustine, played by Sigourney Weaver, succumbed to her gunshot wounds and died at the Tree of Souls after a failed attempt to transfer her mind into her avatar. Yet in Avatar: The Way of Water, James Cameron brought Weaver back to play Kiri, Jake Sully’s (Sam Worthington) adopted daughter who was born from Grace’s avatar. The peculiar decision left Avatar 2 screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver with many questions. The duo shared their initial concerns about Kiri’s origins in Avatar 2 in an interview with Variety.

“We were all like, well, how is that going to work exactly? Sigourney playing a teenager who is her offspring?,” asked Silver. “And how do we explain it in the first act? That was a lot of exposition to get across, to get the audience to understand, to understand her struggles with her identity and her place in the world.”

Once they got passed the initial confusion, the writers then had to confront the issue over Kiri’s father. There is speculation that Kiri is actually the daughter of Eywa, Pandora’s Great Mother, because of her connection to animals and nature. Without revealing too much, Jaffa and Silver explained the purpose of Kiri’s parentage and acknowledged her spiritual presence.

“I don’t think we ever spoke about her specifically as a Na’vi Jesus,” said Jaffa. “We set up these questions. We want people talking and thinking about these things.”

When asked about Kiri’s relationship with Eywa, Silver added that “There definitely is that feeling that Kiri is undeniably, deeply connected to Eywa in the way that Grace was.”

Avatar: The Way of Water is now in theaters.

Who is behind Kiri’s creation in Avatar: The Way of Water? Share your theories in the comment section below!

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