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5 Avatar 2 Scenes Worth Experiencing Again on Disney+

There are many exciting and moving scenes in Avatar: The Way of Water that are worth experiencing again. With the blockbuster sequel having arrived on Disney’s streaming platform, this is easier than ever, so let’s look at five Avatar 2 scenes that are worth rewatching on Disney+.

Kiri Meets Grace

Sigourney Weaver’s role as Kiri in Avatar 2 must have been a challenging one. In addition to the motion capture acting that the movie is famous for, the role is of a 14 year-old Na’vi girl. Weaver took the challenge of playing a teenager head-on, leading to some incredibly moving scenes.

The best of which has to be when Kiri finally connects to the underwater Spirit Tree and meets Grace — Weaver’s original character in the first Avatar movie and Kiri’s mother. It’s a touching sequence that weaves existential themes with familial bonding, making for a very memorable moment.

Avatar 2 Disney+

Lo’ak Learns About Payakan

Payakan and Lo’ak’s relationship was a standout part of Avatar: The Way of Water, as the two outcasts became one another’s stalwart allies through shared experience. Seeing the two work together became a highlight of the film, even with only one of the two really being able to verbally communicate.

The scene that really brought the duo together is when Lo’ak bonds with Payakan and learns that the fearsome beast isn’t some thoughtless killer, but was driven to violence due to the poachers that were hunting his family. It’s this scene that cements them as one of the best parts of the movie and gives surprising depth to the unorthodox friendship. This bond would lead to some further great sequences, though we’ll get there later on in the list.

Spider and Quaritch’s Relationship

The relationship between human boy Spider and the avatar of his late antagonistic father Miles Quaritch serves as one of the more unusual parts of Avatar 2, as you want Spider to be happy but simultaneously know that Quaritch is no good. With the movie’s ending in mind, it’s worth rewatching the scenes that feature the father-son duo.

Given the importance of the theme of parental bonds that runs through the movie, it’s interesting to rewatch the scenes of Quaritch and Spider while knowing how their relationship will play out in the movie’s final confrontation. Since Quaritch is spared in the end but loses Spider, who remains with the Sully family, these scenes could also hint at the villain’s mindset come Avatar 3.

Avatar 2 Disney+

The Final Battle

The stunning conflict across the blazing ship is incredible to watch, whether on a theater screen or on your own TV. The harsh violence is exciting and, at times, nerve-wracking, as you see the Sully family clash with the enemies they’ve been trying so hard to run from.

From Payakan removing Mick Scoresby’s arm to the later sequences of Neytiri and Quaritch threatening one another’s child to protect their own, the emotionally-charged and remarkably dynamic battle is filled with brilliant moments. It’s one of the more thrilling movie sequences from last year, making it worth experiencing again at home.

The Ending

Avatar 2’s ending truly wraps up all the themes of the sweeping sequel, presenting moments that are both moving and immensely satisfying while setting up the future adventures of the Sully family in the planned Avatar sequels.

From Neteyam’s funeral to Jake’s acceptance by the Metkayina Clan, all of the storylines of Avatar: The Way of Water succinctly conclude without shutting the door on later stories. It’s a strong ending to an excellent sequel that’s more than worth checking out again at your leisure.

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