Doom Patrol Season 4 Trailer Heralds the Arrival of Immortus

DC’s Doom Patrol is arguably the weirdest show currently airing on HBO Max. And in a few weeks, its colorful cast of oddball superheroes will have another shot at defending this title when season 4 finally debuts. The series’ adamant refusal to take itself too seriously has often been hailed as its greatest strength. And if the latest trailer is anything to go on, that isn’t about to change anytime soon. You can check out the latest look at Doom Patrol season 4 in the player below.

Recent rumors have indicated that this could be Doom Patrol’s final season on HBO Max following the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. But even if this does turn out to be the series’ last hurrah, it certainly looks poised to go out with a bang. The big threat this year, as Mark Sheppard’s Willoughby Kipling intones at the beginning of the trailer, is Immortus. He’s most likely referring to General Immortus, a longtime foe of the Doom Patrol in the comics. But whatever form this new evil takes, it seems dead-set on robbing the heroes of their longevity.

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If you thought the last season put a cap on the team’s time-travel shenanigans, think again—because the upcoming episodes will include even more trips to the characters’ past and future. This means we’ll see more of Brendan Fraser and Matt Bomer outside of their usual Robotman and Negative Man personas. Additionally, like the latest season of Titans, HBO Max is splitting the new season into two parts, with the latter half slated to arrive sometime next year.

Doom Patrol season 4 will premiere on HBO Max on December 8.

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