Now the Were-Butts Sing in Doom Patrol Season 4 Teaser

If anyone, ever, tries to tell you that all comic book movies and TV shows are the same, here’s irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Besides Doom Patrol, no other show has butt monsters that sing barbershop tunes. Period. Though if any others dare to try, let them. The Doom Patrol season 4 teaser brings back the Were-Butts, but this time it looks like we’ll learn their actual origins. And they’ll sing. Which doesn’t necessarily make them less dangerous, since singers can be real jerks to.

Check out the brand new video in the player below:

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Other than the butts, and a certain conspicuous laser crotch, the teaser doesn’t offer a lot of new hints. But at least we know that for now, rumors of cancellation in order to support a more unified DCEU have been premature. That doesn’t mean it’s safe forever, but at least a fourth season is guaranteed. Negative Man, Cyborg, Rita Farr, Robotman, and Crazy Jane’s newest adventures kick off starting Dec 8. With Brendan Fraser’s other DCEU role as Firefly (in Batgirl) locked in the vault, and Ray Fisher unlikely to return as Cyborg, Joivan Wade and Fraser’s Robotman could comfortably fold in to the shared reality post-Flashpoint. If the powers-that-be want that.

What did you think of the teaser? Let us know in comments.

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