Avatar: The Way of Water Character Posters Show Na’vi Heroes, Villains

James Cameron’s long-awaited Avatar sequel will finally catch us up on how Jake and Neytiri have been spending the last decade-plus since the original film hit theaters in 2009. So naturally, viewers can expect to meet plenty of new faces when the second installment bows in just over three weeks. All of the couple’s children will play significant roles in the upcoming storyline. But the movie will also introduce new Na’vi heroes who join them on their latest adventure. As a primer of sorts, Disney has released a series of Avatar: The Way of Water character posters that spotlight each of the film’s major players. You can view them all in the gallery below.

Leading the crop of new posters are Neytiri and Jake themselves, the latter of whom sports war paint and a new hairstyle. We also see their young clan of warriors-in-training. First up is Kiri, their adoptive daughter played by Sigourney Weaver (who appeared in the first Avatar as Dr. Grace Augustine). Their teenage son, Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), is next, and he clearly takes after his father. Jack Champion also gets his own poster as Miles “Spider” Socorro, a human born on Pandora’s military base who was later adopted by Jake and Neytiri and raised in the moon’s lush forests along with their other children.

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In Cameron’s original Avatar, audiences only got to know Neytiri’s Omaticaya clan. However, The Way of Water will travel across Pandora’s oceans to introduce a new tribe of Na’vi called the Metkayina, who occupy the moon’s reefs. The Metkayina are led by Tonowari (Cliff Curtis), who gets his own poster as well. Kate Winslet also appears in the film as Tonowari’s wife, Ronal, marking the first time she has worked with Cameron since Titanic in 1997. Additionally, fans will meet Tonowari and Ronal’s daughter, Tsireya (Bailey Bass), an expert free-diver just like her mother.

Finally, the last poster offers a new look at Stephen Lang’s Miles Quaritch, the main villain from the first film. Although he was seemingly killed by Neytiri at the end of the movie, The Way of Water is bringing him back as a Recombinant, a Na’vi Avatar that retains the memories of its human driver. With this, the character is more dangerous than ever, and he’s bound to take revenge on Jake and his allies.

Avatar: The Way of Water will hit theaters on December 16. Tickets for the film are on sale now.

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