DC League of Super-Pets Featurette Showcases the Film’s Voice Cast

A lot of comic book fans may not be sold on Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart bringing Krypto and Ace to life in DC League of Super-Pets. But given the actors’ real-life friendship, it’s easy to see why Warner Bros. chose them to star as the film’s lead characters. Now, the studio has shared a new DC League of Super-Pets featurette that shows off how well their onscreen banter translates in animated form.

The clip has plenty of footage of Johnson and Hart in a sound booth as they record their characters’ lines and play off each other’s reactions. Super-Pets marks their third movie together (four if you count Hart’s cameo in Hobbes & Shaw). But fortunately, it doesn’t sound as if their chemistry has wavered. Johnson notes that his friendship with Hart adds an extra layer of authenticity (or as Hart terms it, a “comedy seesaw”) to Krypto’s relationship with Ace.

You can watch the new featurette for the movie in the player below.

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Hart and Johnson aren’t the only Hollywood A-listers lending their star power to Super-Pets. The featurette also includes clips with the film’s other voice actors. Vanessa Bayer (PB), Natasha Lyonne (Merton McSnurtle), Diego Luna (Chip), and Kate McKinnon (Lulu) all discuss what it was like to play around in the DC sandbox. But according to McKinnon, casting performers like Hart and Johnson is key to creating unforgettable characters.

DC League of Super-Pets will hit theaters on July 29.

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