Constantine: The House of Mystery Original Short Gets a Trailer

Marvel and DC seldom like to miss out on a good trend started by the other. So while Doctor Strange looks about to face punishment for messing with the Multiverse of Madness, DC’s meting out demonic justice for John Constantine‘s similar sins. Interestingly, this short seems to continue the New 52 continuity that ended with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. While that ended with the Flash traveling back through time to reset the clock, Constantine‘s extra-dimensional enemies still remember the timeline. Behold “Constantine: The House of Mystery.”

Check out the trailer below, which also features Etrigan:

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“John Constantine: The House of Mystery” will be the only original short on the upcoming DC Showcase Animated Shorts Collection. Recent animated shorts featuring Kamandi, Blue Beetle, and The Losers join it. All of those feature the retro-styles of their appropriate eras, with Kamandi done in Jack Kirby style, and Blue Beetle rendered like a 1960s cartoon.

Since the New 52 continuity ended, the DC animated features have primarily been stand-alone stories. The Constantine short trailer suggests that the animated universe might have a next phase in mind.

Where would you like to see the DC animated universe go from here? Let us know in comments.

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