Netflix Lands the Rights To Produce a BioShock Movie

The BioShock movie rights have been in play since the first game was released in 2007. However, not even director Gore Verbinski could get that project out of development hell. Regardless, Netflix and 2K Games have announced a new deal that will bring the franchise to the streaming service. Would you kindly check out the tweet below?

There have been three BioShock games, but the chosen image suggests that the first game will be used as the basis of the movie. That title took place in an alternate history, as the player character, Jack, entered the underwater city of Rapture. While searching for answers, Jack encountered mutated humans in diving suits called Big Daddies. They were accompanied by Little Sisters, young girls who were genetically engineered.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix and 2K Games/Take-Two Interactive have been negotiating this deal for over a year. However, there are currently no writers or a director attached. Presumably those roles will be filled soon. Take-Two and Netflix are apparently planning to develop a BioShock cinematic universe as well.

It’s too early to say when this adaptation may appear. But a big budget film of this scale would likely take at least two to three years from script to release.

Who do you want to see direct the BioShock movie? Let us know in the comment section below!

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