Colin Trevorrow Reveals More Jurassic World Dominion Plot Details

For the first time in the Jurassic World franchise, viewers really will see a Jurassic world. No longer confined to an island, or a single mainland location, the dinosaurs live everywhere now. And that’s just the set-up, according to director Colin Trevorrow, speaking with EW. As the Jurassic World Dominion plot commences, the action “is set all over the world, through many different environments: wilderness, urban, desert, snow. It’s exciting to see these creatures navigate environments that they weren’t built to survive in. They grew up in a theme park and now they’re here!”

Chris Pratt’s Owen is out there trying to save the dinos from poachers, while Claire…well, that’s a secret. But Trevorrow confirms that the original trilogy’s Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) will play equally big parts in what ensues. Fans disappointed in Goldblum’s relatively minor cameo last time will get satisfaction in this installment. “They have equal screen time to Chris and Bryce,” Trevorrow says. “They’re major characters from start to finish.”

Jurassic Park: Afterlife, this ain’t.

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As for the threat they face? It sounds a lot like Trevorrow’s hinting at Campbell Scott’s Lewis Dodgson, possibly named after Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll, a.k.a Charles Dodgson. “He is the main villain throughout both of [Crichton’s] novels, and I think what Campbell’s done with the character is just amazing,” says the director.

For an all new image from the film, head over to EW. Jurassic World Dominion opens June 10. Let us know your excitement level in comments.

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