Jim Starlin Reacts to Eternals Mid-Credits Scene Character Reveal

Warning: if you still want to remain unspoiled for Eternals, skip this story! Like many of us who have some familiarity with Marvel, Jim Starlin guessed his creation Thanos might show up in Eternals. The clues were all there: Thanos in the comics has Deviant Syndrome, Deviants fight Eternals…and Starlin scored an invite to the premiere. When that happens, it usually means someone or something he came up with will appear.

Lo and behold, instead we got Pip the Troll and Eros. And Starlin, who seemingly made a habit of badgering Marvel’s Kevin Feige about Pip, had some thoughts. Speaking to THR, he commented, “He’s probably been laughing up his sleeve at me knowing that Pip was on the way, every time I bugged him about putting Pip in the movies.”

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But considering that Disney won’t even address Tony Stark’s infamous alcoholism, Starlin does wonder how Pip will integrate with the family friendly company. “He’s an alcoholic, cigar-smoking, gambling, womanizing degenerate. Probably the most immoral character I’ve ever created,” says Starln. “He even beats out Thanos on the immorality department. Thanos at least is running on his own moral code, which Pip banned years before.”

Starlin had no comment on Eros, who could arguably be considered just as problematic. In comics, the character also known as Starfox manipulates emotions, and has been accused of sexual assault.

The writer couldn’t actually make it to the premiere, so no final word yet on what he thought of the CG Pip voiced by Patton Oswalt. But, he notes, in reference to Will Poulter as Adam Warlock, “They’ve been good at casting the characters. This actor will probably turn out to be just as good as the others.”

How do you think Pip and Eros will work out in the MCU? Give us your thoughts in comments.

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