Chloé Zhao Teases Multiple Story Layers in Latest Eternals Featurette

In a matter of days, Eternals will be released. The highly awaited Phase 4 movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will introduce a new ensemble of superpowered people, who will unveil new secrets of the universe created by Kevin Feige and company. Now, the producers have debuted a new featurette that underlines the scale and scope of Chloé Zhao’s upcoming film. The Academy Award-winning director herself explains that the story is more complex than might first meet the eye.

“There’s layers to this movie,” she said. “There’s a great sci-fi adventure, there’s a very complex family drama. And we get to learn that these Eternals have been helping us to shape our history and who we are. And we also shape who they are as well.”

You can watch the latest Eternals featurette in the player below.

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In addition to a meta-history, the movie will also reintroduce Celestials to the MCU fans. Here we get a closer look at one of the ancient beings of immense power, who will play a pivotal role in the subsequent phases of the MCU. So far, fans have seen the head of a dead Celestial, which has become the place known as Knowhere, and met Ego, who mostly took human form, but the upcoming movie should feature significantly more.

Eternals hits theaters on November 5.

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