Emerald Fennell Teases ‘Big and Scary’ Zatanna Movie at HBO Max

After many rumors, the Zatanna solo movie has been confirmed at HBO Max. The project will see Academy Award winner Emerald Fennell working on the script, which will bring for the first time in a live-action movie one of the most powerful sorceresses in the DC Universe. Fennell recently won the Oscar for her Promising Young Woman script, and it appears that she has big plans for Zatanna, which she envisions being as dark as it needs to be.

“There are lots of things about her that felt like they could be really, really interesting,” she said while talking with Empire. “And it’ll be an opportunity to make something really quite dark. And that appealed to me, to make something big and scary. I love that stuff.”

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Fennell then explained that Warner Bros. is giving her as much creative freedom as she wants. That’s why she can imagine working on a massive scale for her forthcoming script.

“Why wouldn’t you want to write something like that when you can write huge, massive, crazy sequences and fights? Normally you’re like, how can I show this in the smallest cheapest way? To have complete freedom to really let your imagination run wild is such a joy.”

HBO Max hasn’t revealed an official release date for the Zatanna movie.

What do you expect from Fennell’s script? Do you believe she’s a good choice to take on the character? Let us know in the comments section below.

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