Warner Bros. Releases Wonder Woman 1984’s Opening Scene

In just a few weeks, Wonder Woman 1984 will finally premiere in theaters and on HBO Max. Now, Warner Bros. is offering fans a small sampling of the film’s 150-minute runtime. Ahead of the sequel’s debut, the studio has released its opening scene on the official HBO Max YouTube channel. You can check it out for yourself below.

The movie wastes no time thrusting viewers right into the middle of the action. It starts out simple enough, with a young Diana traversing a lush Themyscrian landscape as her older self delivers some opening narration. From here, the Amazon-in-training makes her way to a cliffside coliseum, where an Olympic-style competition is about to take place. We see many of the island’s most cunning warriors getting ready for the games, which involve extensive gymnastics, horseback riding, and even a few whip-cracking skills. Diana looks almost comical as she stands beside her fellow competitors, all of whom are at least twice her size. But if she has any doubt about her ability to succeed, she certainly doesn’t show it.

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Backed by Hans Zimmer’s empowering score, the scene notably features Connie Nielsen reprising her role as Diana’s Mother, Hippolyta, who watches her daughter enter the contest from a high vantage point. Also returning from the first film is Robin Wright as Diana’s aunt, Antiope, who was memorably killed shortly after Steve Trevor washed up on the island’s shores. Before the competition can begin, Antiope also tells her niece that “greatness is not what you think.” This advice is sure to come up again multiple times as the next chapter in Diana’s story continues to unfold.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters and HBO Max on December 25.

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