Wonder Woman 1984 Gets a New International Poster

Last month, Warner Bros. Pictures bent to the reality of the pandemic and announced that Wonder Woman 1984 will hit HBO Max and select theaters on December 25. However, the countries and territories that are doing better with COVID-19 rates will get a more conventional theatrical release. That’s where the latest Wonder Woman 1984 international poster hails from.

Additionally, advance tickets for Wonder Woman 1984 have already gone on sale.

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Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are reprising their roles from the first Wonder Woman as Diana and Steve Trevor, respectively. Additionally, Kristen Wiig will play Diana’s friend-turned-nemesis, Barbara Minerva/ The Cheetah. Pedro Pascal will also co-star as Max Lord. Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen will also return as Antiope and Queen Hippolyta.

Patty Jenkins returned to direct the sequel, from a script that she co-wrote with Geoff Johns.

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit HBO Max on December 25. However, it will only be on the streaming service for one month before going to VOD. It will also remain in any theaters that are open after HBO Max’s 30 day window.

What do you think about the new Wonder Woman 1984 international poster? Let us know in the comment section below!

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