Wonder Woman 1984 Stars Say It Doesn’t Feel Like a Sequel

Wonder Woman fans shouldn’t be too much surprised if the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 will feel completely different from the first one. If the first movie explored the beginning of Diana Prince’s career as a superhero, the sequel will feature new facets of the character. While talking with Total Film (via Games Radar), Wonder Woman 1984 star Gal Gadot teased that this might not even feel like a sequel, strictly speaking.

“In the first movie, we really explored the journey of the coming-of-age, of how Diana Prince became Wonder Woman, and owned her full strengths and powers,” she said.

“It really doesn’t feel like a sequel in that… everything’s different,” echoed Gadot’s co-star Kristen Wiig.

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Gadot further described some of the events that changed her character’s life in the years between the two movies.

“She’s been living for over six decades by herself, in man’s world, serving mankind and doing good. And this story is a story of its own,” she added. “I mean, the only thing that we share in both stories is probably, you know, the fact that it’s Diana Prince and also Steve Trevor. But other than that, it’s a whole new world, and the era is different, and Diana is different, and the story is new…she’s not naive anymore. She’s been around. She’s wiser. She’s more mature. We meet a very much evolved character in this one.”

Due to the COVID-19 breakout, Warner Bros. pushed back Wonder Woman 1984’s release. Accordingly, it will now open on Friday, October 2.

What do you expect from Diana Prince in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984? Let us know in the comment section below!

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