Zack Snyder Opens Up About Wonder Woman’s Origin and His 5 Movie Plan

Although Warner Bros. has shown little inclination towards making the Snyder cut a reality, Justice League director Zack Snyder is still talking about his original vision for the DC films. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder offered his commentary during a live-stream viewing party for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Among the most interesting tidbits was Snyder’s assertion that Wonder Woman almost featured a different starting point for Gal Gadot’s Diana. Apparently, Snyder and WB considered setting Diana’s origin in the Crimean War or the Civil War in the 19th Century. However, they eventually settled upon the first World War.

Additionally, Snyder noted that the death of Jimmy Olsen in Batman v Superman would have had consequences in his 5 movie arc.

“The ones that die off, die off for a reason,” noted Snyder. “Hopefully they teach us something as they go.”

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Snyder also addressed the Knightmare Sequence from Batman v Superman; which wasn’t addressed in Justice League. He explained that the dark timeline would be created when Lois Lane died. Superman would have become vulnerable to Darkseid’s Anti-Life Equation in Batman’s dark vision. Barry Allen tried to prevent that future in Batman v Superman. However, Justice League noticeably ignored that scene in Joss Whedon’s cut.

THR had a full accounting of Snyder’s juiciest revelations; which you can read here.

What do you think about Synder’s original 5 movie plan for the DC Extended Universe? Are you still hoping for a Snyder cut? Let us know in the comment section below!

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