Diana Gets Trippy in a New Wonder Woman 1984 Motion Poster

The Coronavirus has effectively put the brakes on the spring movie season. However, it still looks like Hollywood’s summer slate is moving forward as planned. As if to dispel any rumors that the film will be delayed, Warner Bros. has shared a new motion poster for Wonder Woman 1984. You can check it out for yourself via the movie’s official Twitter page below.

Much like the decade in which it takes place, the poster goes heavy on the vibrant colors, which reflect psychedelically off her flashy golden armor. This obviously isn’t the first time we’re seeing Diana in her new suit. Director Patty Jenkins gave fans a glimpse at Diana’s new wardrobe last summer when she debuted the sequel’s teaser poster. Regardless, this latest offering is sure to get moviegoers even more excited to see the costume in action. This must be especially true for fans of DC’s Kingdom Come miniseries, where the suit first appeared back in 1996.

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Warner Bros. could always change its mind about whether it wants to stick to Wonder Woman 1984’s current June premiere. But if it does, it would be the second time that the film has gotten delayed. The sequel was originally slated to arrive last November. However, the producers later decided that a summer opening was the right way to go. This was presumably done to repeat the first film’s box office success.

Wonder Woman 1984 will open in theaters on June 5.

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