McFarlane Toys Enters DC Movie Arena With Wonder Woman 1984 Figures

All the world’s waiting for these. Ever since McFarlane Toys got the DC collector figure license, fans have waited for them to take on one of the movies in ultra-realistic style. Now we know that first up are Wonder Woman 1984 figures. So far, just two have been revealed: a classic costume Wonder Woman, and the gold winged armor version. Since Cheetah hasn’t been revealed in any of the marketing yet, they wouldn’t be able to reveal a figure even if there were one in the works. So wait and see on that.

DC movie figures in the 7-inch scale are rare but much-desired. NECA used contractual loopholes to make a handful, mostly Batman related. And DC Direct did Watchmen, among others. It looks like these Gal Gadot figures should fit with those just fine. Gold armor Wonder Woman comes with a flight stand, while classic Diana features unfurled and looped versions of the lasso of truth.

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Looking at the card backs, it seems like they may be revealing a new upcoming Batman and Joker. In comic book styling, rather than movie. But we reckon Battinson should be seeing toy form sooner than later. And a red and black Margot Robbie Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad would likely sell pretty well.

McFarlane seem to be off to a good start with movie stuff in the DC Universe so far. Check out the gallery of both Diana figures below. Then tell us the truth about what you think in comments below.