Mattel Reveals MOTU and Jurassic World SDCC 2024 Exclusives

For action figure collectors, there may be no bigger Mattel Comic-Con exclusive news each year than that of the Jurassic movie franchise and Masters of the Universe figures set for sale at the San Diego mega-event. This year’s offerings are no exception, with one long-awaited figure set in a different form than may have been expected and one cameo-turned-distinctive collectible.

Jurassic Margaritaville?

First, let’s discuss what exactly that Jurassic World figure set is. Had you forgotten Jimmy Buffett made a cameo appearance in the movie? Completely in character, he attempts to protect two margaritas while flying creatures attack. Sadly, we lost Jimmy last year, but Mattel is paying tribute to him with this figure standing inside a giant margarita glass, with two margarita accessories and attacking dinos on flight stands. Even the box comes shaped like a large blender. Some people claim that Dr. Henry Wu’s to blame…but he knows that it’s probably his fault. Somehow. Expect to pay $30 for this paradisical parrothead procurement.

Masters of the Universe, meanwhile, offers a Two-Bad combo set featuring individual figures of Tuvar and Baddrah, the component creatures merged into one being. The twist here is that fans often requested these characters in the Classics line, but now they’re coming in the Filmation cartoon collection Origins style. As He-Fans who know their cartoons well know, Tuvar and Baddrah didn’t exist in the Filmation cartoons — their identities were created for the 200x MYP animated series. However, since the Origins figure body does include a mix-and-match component, it’s easier to pull Tuvar and Baddrah apart and put their pieces on the extra combined torso.

Tuvar and Baddrah come with the ancient Mirror of Avathar, from an episode of the Filmation series that Two-Bad did appear in, but mostly passively. Trap Jaw was the primary antagonist in that one, though he was easily dispatched by Moss Man while He-Man dealt with the deadlier threat of…terrible weather at sea. The asking price for the Two-Bad set is $50, and it includes a double-sided mini-comic.

Limited quantities of both of these sets will be available at after Comic-Con. Below are the official product images from Mattel: