Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Action Figures by McFarlane Toys

If Jason Momoa‘s Aquaman didn’t exist, Todd McFarlane might have had to invent him. For all the divisiveness Zack Snyder’s DC movies may have caused, taking a character perceived as a Super-Friends joke and making him a tattooed biker-looking bro with a sense of humor has generally been hailed as a positive move. And precisely the kind of design flourish McFarlane Toys does all the time, so it’s almost shocking they’ve only made the Justice League movie version so far.

Under the Sea

On the occasion of his solo movie sequel, though, McFarlane Toys are having some fun. Their new line for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, revealed today, includes two versions of Aquaman, Black Manta, and underwater denizen King Kordax. Aquaman’s giant seahorse Storm comes packaged as a “vehicle,” while the fishy Sunken Citadel Pirate makes for a $40 megafig.

So who are the new guys? According to product descriptions, King Kordax is a “huge brute and a true conqueror [who] dons ceremonial armor and wields a powerful, magical dark energy that could ultimately prove deadly to both sea and surface dwellers.” The Pirate, on the other hand, is described as “one of many disreputable types who choose to ‘disappear’ from both surface and sea and reside within the underwater ghost town known as the ‘Sunken Citadel,’ a dangerous world made up of rusty, sunken vessels and Victorian era steampunk structures scavenged from around the world that cling to the steep, monolithic walls of an underwater canyon.”

Conspicuous by his absence is Orm, Aquaman’s frenemy half-brother and seemingly the co-lead in the new film. McFarlane doesn’t tend to do more than one wave of movie figures, so it’s anybody’s guess if we’ll ever see him. As for these figures, expect them to arrive in November, in advance of the movie’s release date.

Take a look at individual images below: