Maybe Don’t Ask Santa for These Creepy Krampus Brothers Toys

With major movies named after him, and appearances in popular cartoons, the Christmas demon Krampus has gone from niche trivia to full-on pop culture phenom in recent years. Action figures of Krampus himself aren’t even new — several companies have made them. 5K Toys, however, is now taking it further, with action figures of two of Krampus’ brothers. The mythology here is likely self-generated. The figures themselves, however, are some creepy twists on holiday iconography. Santa might take these toys personally, and refuse to carry them down your chimney.

Meet Kraden and Krynn

According to the story that accompanies them, “Kraden and Krynn were valuable members of the Krampus family. Kraden was known for his strength and hunting skills, while Krynn was known for his intelligence and trap-making abilities. They had been members of the Krampus family for a long time and had shown exceptional skills in their work, becoming some of Krampus’ most reliable hunters.”

The figures themselves seem to share a base body, with Santa-style pants over cloven hoofed legs and a button-down shirt. Kraden has jaws within jaws hidden under his beard, goat-like horns, and a Freddy Krueger-inspired metal-clawed glove. Krynn sprouts antlers from his head, and in place of a right hand has a bear trap on a chain. Both include removable red coats, like their saintly enemy, Mr. Claus. But their monstrous faces make clear they are decidedly not him.

Each six-inch scaled figure runs $46.99 apiece. Preorder both for a collective price of $89.99 and get a bonus crown accessory. Kraden and Krynn constitute wave 1 of “Demon Force,” a sub theme within 5K Toys’ “Fury Toys” line. They’re the perfect Christmas gifts for people who aren’t overly sentimental about the season, though it’s not clear if preorders placed now will arrive in time for this December.

Take a look through the gallery of official images below, and let us know what you think in comments!