Gremlins Christmas Action Figures Are Coming, Because It’s a Christmas Movie

We all have that one friend who, when asked what their favorite Christmas movie is, deliberately picks one in which people get killed. Die Hard and Lethal Weapon are go-to answers, of course, but Gremlins is the right one. And not just because of Phoebe Cates’ so-absurdly-dark-it’s-funny reveal of why she hates the season. No, it’s a great Christmas movie because even the villains indulge the season, playing with toys, singing carols, getting drunk and taking in a movie. Can the Gremlins help it that humans just happen to die as a result?

NECA has made multiple Gremlins figures over the years, and they also tend to surprise fans with new Christmas-themed toys each year. Elf and Christmas Vacation have been among those, but now it’s time for the Gremlins to get in on the action. A two-pack of the critters singing Christmas carols (or holiday songs, if you prefer; Gremlins aren’t religious) is coming in September.

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In addition to their sheet music, which looks legit, the former Mogwais come with cookies and candy accessories. Because a Gremlin with a sugar buzz equals extra mayhem. Moreover, like Santa Claus, they’re big fans of eating after midnight. And since this set heavily reuses existing Gremlin bodies, it’s priced reasonably at $39.99.

Even if you’re not a toy collector, some Christmas Gremlins can add a geeky creepy touch to your holiday decor this year. And they’re articulated enough that you can probably find a way to put them on the tree, if you desire. Just make sure it’s not adorned with too much “bright light!”