Hot Toys’ Star Wars Day 2023 Reveals Celebrate The Clone Wars

This Star Wars Day 2023, commemorate the then-creeping fascism of a Galactic Senate far, far away. For May the 4th, Hot Toys showed off two new figures from that key conflict in the history of the Skywalker saga. From the capital city/planet of Coruscant, it’s Darth Sidious, a.k.a. Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, and elite clone Commander Fox. Twenty years after The Clone Wars became its own thing as Genndy Tartakovsky animated shorts, it remains a key piece of the Star Wars saga.

An Imperious Leader

Though the Clone Wars animated series inspired the figure of Darth Sidious, it boasts the authentic likeness of Ian McDiarmid, who played him in live-action. With rolling eyeball action, he’s extra-creepy. And with two lightsabers, extra battle ready. The $265 figure includes extra hands, including dark side variations with sculpted Force lightning. USB power makes the sabers light up, and he stands on a themed figure base.

Send in the Clone

Commander Fox may be a repaint, but he’s a fancy one. The leader of the elite team assigned to defend the Chancellor on Coruscant, his regal burgundy coloring practically dares challengers to step up. Per the official description, he features a “tailored outfit with kama commander skirt, a heavy blaster rifle, a blaster carbine, a pair of blaster pistols, and a display base!” At $225, he’s one of the more affordable Hot Toys figures.

Both figures ship somewhere between April and September of next year. And until then, payment plans may ease the financial pain some.

Get a good look at many more angles on these figures in the gallery below. Then let us know what you think in comments.