Picard and Worf Are Super7’s Star Trek Ultimates Series 2

When it comes to some past actor likenesses, Super7 has sometimes made it so-so. If the pictures of their upcoming Jean-Luc Picard figure are any indication, though, they have truly made it so when it comes to capturing Patrick Stewart. Stewart as Picard as Locutus appeared in their first wave of Star Trek Ultimates; Regular Picard leads wave 2.

It’s a small wave, made up of Picard, Worf, and the Guinan figure from wave 1 who got delayed. Fans now have another chance at Whoopi Goldberg’s all-seeing El-Aurian bartender, or a package deal with her, her Captain, and the Klingon head of security. For now, Super7’s license only covers The Next Generation TV series. If they do well, however, as Spock says, there are always possibilities.

Picard comes with interchangeable heads and character-specific accessories like a sword and a Shakespeare book, plus his tea, Earl Grey, hot. Worf includes stern and angry faces, his bat’leth, and a phaser with removable blast effect.

These figures go for $55 each. Preorder directly from Super7, or save on shipping at Entertainment Earth. (Note: Superhero Hype participates in the Entertainment Earth Affiliate Program, designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Entertainment Earth.) Take a look through the gallery below for more images.

Will you beam these up? Let us know in comments.

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