Krang’s Android Body Strikes a Pose in Iron Studios’ Latest Statue

When it comes to toys and collectibles, the android body of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain Krang isn’t the most dynamic. With a large, bulky body, thick legs, and stubby arms, he tends to just stand there. Iron Studios‘ latest statue of him, however, takes advantage of the fact that this doesn’t need to be an articulated figure. So designers don’t have to make a body that can strike poses, which is hard. They can sculpt him already in a pose, and make that one pose look excellent.

Heck, this version of Krang’s android body is even shown turning his head beneath the neck folds of artificial fat. More than that, though, he’s striking a martial-arts pose. Has this robot mastered the art of ninjutsu? Or is Krang just really good with the joysticks, as seen in the android’s belly cavity? We do know that the body’s hands swap out for weapon accessories.

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With the street diorama base, Krang and his body look good standing alone, but also fit together with previous Iron Studios statues of the four Turtles, April O’Neil, Casey Jones, and Shredder. But at $250 a pop, collectors may want to pick and choose, which is okay too. Fifty dollars are requested to reserve a preorder — the balance of $200 comes due once it’s in stock.

Check out a few more images in the gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments!

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