Movie Slashers and Turtles Mash up for Bootleg Figures You Can Buy

Over the years, we’ve seen several excellent customs of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  as horror movie slashers like Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface. Playmates would never have made such things, but now Toy Snobs, a company that manufactures made-to-order nostalgic brand merchandise, is about to raise some shell with “Mikey Myers” and “Donny Krueger.”

Toy Snobs previously combined Turtles with He-Foes as “Turtletor” and “Tordak” figures. These are similar, limited-run items with four points of articulation. There’s also a $10 price difference if you want mint packaging. Individually they’re $50-$60, but save $10 by buying both in a package deal. Sure, that’s not retail price, or Playmates price, but limited-run figures with articulation are a pricey proposition for new companies. And even though Nickelodeon has proven highly willing to license the Turtles to as many different toy companies as they can, we’re not likely to ever see official versions of these.

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You’d best act fast if you want these, though. Toy Snobs only opens preorder windows for a limited time, subject to close quickly. But maybe if they do well, we can see Leo-therface and Jason VooRaph? Flippers crossed, anyway.

What do you think of these turtle slashers? Let us know in comments.

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