McFarlane Toys Reveals Full Avatar Toy Line in Two Scales

McFarlane Toys made a massive reveal for the D23 Expo, revealing over 30 different Avatar toys. Like Mattel before, McFarlane will create figures in two different scales, depending on whether collectors prefer individual characters or massive world-building. And this Avatar toy line is just for the first film so far. The Way of Water will turn into a whole other ballgame, probably in a few months. For now, though, October will see the release of both a 7-inch scale collector line and a smaller — probably 3-inch scale or thereabouts — “World of Pandora” line.

Possibly disappointing collectors who want Batman to battle Miles Quaritch, the 7-inch scale won’t be the same as other McFarlane lines. It’s the extra-tall Na’vi who’ll be 7-inches, with regular humans significantly smaller, possibly around 5-inches, though that’s not confirmed. That allows for more accessories — Quaritch comes with multiple hands, coffee cup, gun, and extra masked head. It also makes a scale AMP suit a trifle easier. The 7-inch scale line also includes Jake, Neytiri, and Jake and Neytiri’s banshees. The figures run $24.99 apiece, with the AMP suit $39.99 and each banshee $49.99.

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World of Pandora minifigs will sport around six points of articulation, and come with larger environmental pieces. A blind-box series that come in floating island-style containers open to reveal either a figure or creature and native flora, with the container doubling as a display stand. These average around $5 apiece, making them nicely allowance-affordable. Enhance them with larger sets, like Jake and Neytiri on Banshees, Quaritch in AMP suit, and Scorpion gunship with pilot, all for $19.99 apiece. Midsize sets like Tsu’tey on a direhorse and Jake vs. thanator run $14.99, with various multicolor mountain banshees $9.99.

A deluxe Omatikaya rainforest display set is the highlight, costing $39.99 and including built-in blacklight fixtures. Most figures in both scales feature blacklight-sensitive coloring.

All your favorite online retailers should have preorders up as we speak. (Amazon is adding them slower than most.) If you’re having difficulty, check out our affiliate partners at Entertainment Earth. (Superhero Hype may earn fees from sales made through site links.)

Quantity-wise, this seems like the sort of toy line Avatar finally deserves. Look through the gallery below for images of all of it, then tell us what you think in comments!

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