Todd McFarlane Previews His Avatar Banshee Action Figures

Just as folks headed out the doors of Comic-Con 2022 for the last time, Todd McFarlane made one last toy reveal. We’ve known since March that McFarlane Toys snagged the Avatar action figure rights; now we get to see the first product. In a brief video, Todd McFarlane reveals two styles of Ikran/Banshee action figures. The first resembles the company’s dragon figures, with limited articulation, bendy tail, and a bar suspending it over a diorama base.

The second, scaled to action figures, features a wingspan wider than Todd’s shoulders. Loaded with articulation, Jake and Neytiri’s Banshees will share some parts, with different paint jobs, and a ball joint on their base pieces for a variety of flying poses.

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Take a look in the video below:

The two different scales suggest that future items could include vehicles and playsets in the smaller size, as well as standard-sized action figures. It’s interesting that McFarlane seems to think the smaller, less poseable versions are for kids. And it should surprise nobody that Jake and Neytiri figures seem next.

McFarlane promises full details of the line at D-23, which could also be when Disney reveals more footage. Stay tuned Sept 9 through 11.

What do you think of the Banshees? Let us know in comments.

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