Mondo Toys’ Rick and Morty Figure Set 2 On-Sale Tomorrow, May 24

Fans of Mondo Toys‘ 11.5-inch Rick and Morty designer figures are in luck. The line continues, with a Morty and Meeseeks set. These PVC and ABS creations include limited articulation and interchangeable parts. The Rick and Morty figure set 2 includes Big-arm Morty and a happy Meeseeks, but in this case the extra $10 to buy the Mondo exclusive gets some major extras.

Normally, the store exclusive might feature some extra heads or hands. But in this case, spending the full $150 nets fans an extra Meeseeks figure with distressed appearance, and Mr. Poopybutthole. Ooooo-wee! But it’s limited to 1500 pieces, so log in right at noon central time to grab one. If you miss it, the regular set will go for $140, and sell at other outlets as well.

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Other accessories include alternate bloody, duck, and thumbs-up hands. Morty includes angry and happy heads, two regular arms, isotope, extrapolator gun, and Meeseeks box. Parts from the previous figure set will also interchange with this one.

Here’s hoping for many more parts to come! It looks like Mondo has some faith in this line. And there are plenty of alternate Ricks and Mortys and other friends to go. Will you order this particular set? Let us know in comments.

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